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Attract and Seduce Women with Slade Shaw

Slade Shaw is fast becoming recognized as an authoritative new voice in the mens dating market, with his fresh ideas and forthright advice in helping men achieve their untapped potential. He is the author of Supreme Self Confidence and Fireworks with Females, as well as co-editor of Meet Your Sweet's Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series. Slade is also are regular writer and contributor to the Meet Your Sweet newsletter series, emailed free each week to thousands of men worldwide.

Slade Shaw in the Media

Slade regularly writes about his insights in his weekly newsletters in between researching and collaborating with the Meet Your Sweet team in the creation of new courses.

Most recently he has guided and managed the completion of the Meet Your Sweet Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series, a 12-issue monthly course for men seeking a lifestyle, attraction, and love transformation. It's the next generation of dating advice and an essential must-have for single and attached men alike

Discover Slade Shaw's Secrets

Slade Shaw has a number of publications under his belt in his time with Meet Your Sweet, including:

Fireworks With Females

Supreme Self Confidence

Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series for men

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