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The latest edition of "How to Be Irresistible to Men" is a treasure trove of dating & seduction secrets, including:

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 •  Overcoming Shyness e-Book
 •  Secrets of Self Hypnosis
 •  Surviving a Breakup Audio Series
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How to Seduce a Man: Seduction Genie is one of the most exciting, fun, secrets of seduction books on the internet! It's lavishly illustrated and packed with literally hundreds of completely practical, step-by-step tips. If you get bored with most e-books, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable and fun-to-read Seduction Genie can be. Plus, you will start immediately transforming your appearance, attitude, and actions to become that tantalizing seductress that all men desire. Get a sneak peak at some of what you'll learn by visiting the Seduction Genie blog at (By Amy Waterman)

How to Save Your Marriage: Sometimes the person you want to attract the most isn’t that handsome or beautiful stranger. It is your own spouse. When marriages struggle, both partners can feel alone and as if they have no one to turn to. Save My Marriage Today! can be a lifeline. Even if your partner no longer wants to work on your marriage, this two-volume set will teach you how you can bring your marriage back from the verge of divorce. (By Amy Waterman)

Attraction Articles: Read free articles from the 000Relationships Team about the art of attraction! You'll learn how to make sure men know you're available, how to know if a guy is interested in you, how to make a great first impression, what to say on a first date, how to get him to propose, and more!

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Make Every Man Want You: Marie Forleo is a life coach, author, dancer/choreographer, and online entrepreneur from New York City. She has just launched her book on how to make every man want you. The byline? "How to be so damn irresistible you'll barely keep from dating yourself!" Check it out for an honest, transforming perspective on attracting men into your life!

Catch Him and Keep Him: I attended one of Christian Carter's seminars in January and walked away with a complimentary audio CD of his "Interviews with Dating & Relationship Experts." Christian Carter is a rising star in the dating and relationship world, and you'll learn why when you read Catch Him and Keep Him. Christian takes you inside the mind of a man and teaches you the biggest mistakes women make with their emotions.

How to Win an Ex Back: Tigress Luv has a magic touch when it comes to relationship advice. This book is one of the bestsellers when it comes to advice on getting your ex back and secrets of seduction. Best of all, signing up gives you access to her lively online forums where you can discuss the best tips and tactics with people from around the world. Don't miss it!

Calling Men: The Complete Guide to Calling, Emailing, and Text Messaging The Men You Date: When you pick up the phone to call a man that you're interested in romantically, the slightest miscalculation on your part can lead to him to rethink how he feels about you. That's why I was so delighted to see Mimi Tanner bring her man-magnet expertise to bear on that eternal question: "To call or not to call?" If you've struggled with knowing whether or not to call a man first, whether or not it's acceptable to text-message, and how to navigate instant messaging or craft the perfect email, then Mimi Tanner's book is the definitive guide to communicating with men.

Secrets of Flirting with Men: Get Flirting Formulas with Mimi Tanner! If you're too shy to flirt or too afraid that you'll come across wrong, then you need this lifelong flirting class that will teach you to flirt with your boyfriend, your husband, or just that cute guy you spotted across the street. Mimi will teach you body language of the master flirt, how to flirt online, the messages you send to men, and more.

101 Tips On How To Become A Man Magnet: This book is full of awesome tips that will definitely get men’s attention. Some of men’s desires in women are obvious, but how do women get there and succeed? In this e-book everything women need to know is explained why it would attract a man, it then goes on to explain how to apply this tip to you. This e-book is written so all the facts are there but it doesn’t drag on. It teaches you how to build confidence, how to be his friend, how to pass the first date and much more.

Men Made Easy: This book gives you a great insight into men’s emotions and feelings, explaining why men sometimes act the way they do. Find out how you can get what you want from your man and relationship. Included is a chapter for your man to read so he can understand your wants and needs. You won’t get bored reading this e-book.

I Feel Like a Million Bucks!: Heather Picken is a motivational coach, certified personal trainer, nutritionist and metabolic specialist who has made it her goal to help women feel absolutely amazing through her company, "I FEEL Like a Million Bucks!" Discover her 6-Week Ultimate Fat-Burning & Instant Motivational System, a weight-loss program targeted for women over 30 who want to lose fat and feel great.


Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women: I've heard great word-of-mouth about these workshops hosted by Alison Armstrong. Spend a few hours or a whole weekend learning about "Understanding Men 101," "Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy and Power," "Celebrating Men & Marriage," and "Celebrating Men & Sex." Visit their website to see when a workshop is coming to a city near you.

check out the Dating and Relationships Search swicki at

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Dating Advice Book: Senior Editor John Garrett has reviewed the best dating books on the internet for you, and now he's ready to share what he's discovered.

Dating Tips for Singles: Tonja Weimer is a Master Singles Coach who's also the author of "Older Women and Younger Men." Her free dating advice site includes information on how to become a man magnet, dating for women over 40, and how to marry a millionaire. Article-based website for women seeking dating and relationships advice. Free report.


Marriage relationships: Sex therapy, intimate issues, marriage relationships ... award-winning psychologist Dr. Block answers all questions! Attend one of his couples seminars or purchase one of his books. Free newsletter.

Dr. Marty Tashman: Visit for marriage counseling information by Dr. Marty Tashman, a respected therapist in the field.

Marriage Advice: offers a large supportive community who helps each other with marriage and relationship problems like infidelity, parenting, and family issues.

Couples Counseling: Visit our website to find live professional counseling online or over the phone, therapists near you, and marriage self-help programs.

Walnut Creek Couples Counselor: Marriage and couples counseling services in the Bay Area, serving San Ramon, Livermore, Danville, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and other nearby areas.

Therapy Courses: Complementary therapies, Find local qualified complementary therapist, Therapy Courses, acupuncturist, complementary therapies UK, hypnotherapist


Love Shack: Interpersonal Relationship Advice and Assistance Center. is a community featuring dating advice and tips, articles, and discussion forums to help you improve and understand your relationships and other interpersonal issues.

Relationship Talk Forum: Single? Getting married? Man having an affair? Express your opinions and get feedback here.


Online Dating: Find Local Dates: Dating Match Finder is dedicated to helping you find your perfect dates. Search through local dates in your area.



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