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My credit card declined. Why?


ClickBank, our payment processor, has some automated security features when it comes to credit card transactions, especially with overseas credit cards. For instance, if the country of origin of the credit card and the country where a How To Be Irresistible To Women product is being ordered from are different, then it is likely that the transaction will be denied.

Here is what Clickbank told us when we enquired about declined credit card transactions:

"I recommend the customer contact their credit card company first, to determine if there is an issue with the provider that can be resolved. If the credit card company denies declining any charge, then the card was declined by our risk management system. This is a separate authorization system, so we cannot provide any specific information regarding the decline.

We know it can be frustrating. Accepting credit cards over the internet is a dangerous business. For us and our clients, it is better that we err on the side of caution. Other services may have a less stringent security system and therefore may also incur a higher percentage of fraud, which can be costly. We do our best to protect our clients from this.

We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you,

Clickbank Review Team"


I realize that this can be frustrating, but, as usual, it is a few people who spoil it for the rest by trying to rip off the system.

If you are unsuccessful, please contact us for more payment solutions. You can also try a range of other options, such as PayPal, or getting someone from your home country to process the transaction for you on your behalf, and then sending the login details to you.

We are committed to making the transaction process as safe as possible for you.


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