How to Attract and Seduce Women
Can I buy this course in hard copy?


The How To Be Irresistible To Women range of online products are currently available only as internet downloads through our secure Members Areas. Graphics of CDs and book covers are for visualization purposes online.

All of our e-BOOKS are available in the internationally recognized PDF format and viewable using Adobe Acrobat Reader. We provide a FREE link to download the latest version of Acrobat Reader in each Members Area.

If you prefer to have a physical copy in your hands, you can print the book off on your printer so that you can read it at your leisure.

All of our AUDIO tracks are provided as MP3 files that you can listen to in Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, iTunes, or pretty much any media player! You can also listen to the audio online.

All of our online VIDOES are available in both high resolution for broadband connections and low resolution for dialup connections.  Each video can be viewed online (your browser will automatically ask you if you wish to download the Macromedia Flash Player plugin if you don’t have it already) OR downloaded to your computer to watch any time.  The videos are available in Windows Media Player and Quicktime formats.

Our focus on online products means great benefits for you. No charge or wait for shipping and delivery! The course is all yours in the short time it takes to download. You can be on your way to mastering attraction and seduction in next to no time.


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